Terms and Conditions

Kindly ensure that you go through the Terms and Conditions thoroughly and understand them well because you can only use the service if you comply with the terms and conditions.

By registering on our website, you agree to the terms and conditions mentioned on our website. In the case of any objection to the terms, you must not register with iStore.pk.


iStore.pk is an e-commerce portal. It is mandatory that you accept the terms and conditions without any modifications whatsoever. The website has full authority to deny your registration without specifying the reasons.

Account Security

Once the registration process is complete, your account will be created. You will be responsible for creating your password and will solely be responsible for the activities that take place in your account. It is mandatory that you immediately inform iStore.pk regarding any security breach or unauthorized use of your password. To prevent such a scenario make sure that you exit from every session when you have finished up with your shopping. iStore.pk will not be responsible for any damage that occurs if you fail to comply with the stated terms.

Services Available

iStore.pk offers you the facility to buy original merchandise from the website. This includes accessories, mobiles, and clothing. Once the order placement process is complete, the product will be shipped to your specified address, and you are obligated to make the payment.

User Limitations

As a user of iStore.pk you have to agree that you will not transfer, reproduce, perform, publish, distribute, copy or sell any information accessible from the iStore.pk. You are allowed limited reproduction provided the website’s name is clearly stated as the source. Plus it is compulsory that you acquire permission from iStore.pk for limited reproduction.

User Rules and Regulations

You undertake that when using iStore.pk you will not:

  • Violate the legal rights of others.
  • Distribute, publish, upload or post inappropriate information.
  • Upload information that is protected by the intellectual property laws.
  • Distribute or upload files that have viruses and can affect the operation of iStore.
  • Violate any terms and conditions of this particular agreement.

Representation of user

It is mandatory to certify that you are the owner of the content posted by you and does not infringe the rights of others.

Exact Product not guaranteed

iStore.pk disclaims the guarantee that exact product will be delivered to the customer as ordered on the site. There is a slight possibility that the delivered product may not meet your expectations or may differ in color in comparison to the product displayed on the site.

Rights related to Intellectual Property

iStore.pk has some intellectual rights related to the site including service marks, trade names,  trademarks, patents, graphics, content, text, database, source code and meta tags. You agree to the fact that you will not violate the intellectual property rights held by iStore.pk.

 Third Party Site Links

iStore.pk website may have links to various other sites as well and does not hold any control over those sites. This is why it is hereby stated that the iStore.pk will not be responsible for any content transferred to you through those sites.

 Liability Limitation

iStore.pk has ensured the fact that all the information displayed on the site is correct. However, iStore.pk does not warrant the completeness, accuracy and the quality of data. iStore.pk will not be held liable for any consequential, indirect, damage, direct damage resulting from the use of the site, unauthorized access or any product obtained from the website. iStore.pk will not be responsible for the unavailability of the site during the maintenance period. The user will agree that he will use the site at his own discretion.

Price Information

The prices for the products listed on iStore.pk may change without any notice whatsoever.


Once iStore.pk has passed your order to the respective courier service, you will be responsible for the risk of any damage or loss.

Account termination

  • iStore.pk may terminate your use of the website if perceives that you have breached the terms and the conditions.
  • Upon termination of account iStore.pk may delete any content that relates to your use of the site. Moreover, pk will not be liable to any third party or the user.
  • You agree to pay for the products you ordered till the time of termination of your account.

Governing law

The terms and conditions have been created in accordance with Pakistan laws. If any disputes arise, then they will be subject to the jurisdiction of Courts.

Details of headings

The subheadings and headings included are meant for convenience only and do not intend to describe the extent or the scope of Terms and Conditions.

Provision Invalidity

If a particular provision of the terms and conditions is not valid, then invalidity will be applicable to that provision only and other terms and conditions will continue to be enforced.

Reporting abuse

iStore.pk only reviews the content once it appears on the site. It is hereby stated that iStore.pk does not endorse the content uploaded by any of the users. The user can be held legally liable for the contents they upload if the content is defamatory. Kindly report the abuse at [email protected]


We do make the efforts to put up the exact price of each product. However, there is still a possibility that the products can be mispriced. If a product displays the price that is lower than the actual price, then in such a scenario we charge the lower price and dispatch the item to you. If the actual price is higher than the price mentioned on the site, then in such a case we cancel the order and notify you as well.

Terms for Campaign/Offers/Promotions/Contests

  • If the account holder wins any specific contests, then as the account holder you can use the particular coupons in the sale, and they are applicable to selected items only. Remember that you cannot redeem multiple coupons against one order.
  • pk reserves the right to terminate any offer without notice.
  • The offers do not hold any cash value.
  • The discount coupons may be offered to the respective account holders. However, they are applicable to only those purchases that are made through pk account.
  • Refunds for the discounts will be made using the site defined payment methods.
  • iStore.pk also offers contests from time to time. These contests will have their individual terms and conditions stated on the site.
  • pk holds the right to modify, delete or update the terms and conditions of contests at its discretion.


The sale of iStore.pk products strictly follows the rule of first come first serve basis. This is why it is your responsibility to sign in early to avail the product before the stock is sold out. As the merchant, we are not responsible for the decline of any transaction made by the user.